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About the company

UniSource-Energy, LLC. is a world-wide marketer of Specialty Petroleum Products.

Contact our Sales and Customer Service Team, located in the western suburbs of Chicago, IL about your specialty petroleum needs.

Quality petroleum products across the globe

UniSource-Energy, LLC. is a world-wide marketer of Specialty Petroleum Products. UniSource-Energy manufactures and distributes a wide range of quality specialty petroleum products in the United States and around the world. Our marketing organization has had over 25+ years of experience working for major oil companies in areas ranging from technical sales to refining and production. We provide our expertise to help clients navigate the specialty petroleum market and provide services and solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Offering the Highest Quality and Best Value in Specialty Petroleum Products

Our Petroleum Specialties Group works together with our refinery supply sources to find and formulate products that meet our customers’ specific needs. With agreements and/or contracts with a wide cross-section of petroleum refiners and producers. UniSource-Energy is well equipped to offer the highest quality and best value in specialty petroleum products and transformer oils.

UniSource-Energy, LLC has a full product line available:

  • UNIAROM® aromatic solvents
  • UNIPAR® S and UNIPAR® SH aliphatic solvents
  • UNIPAR® paraffinic base oils and process oils
  • UNINAP® napthenic base oils and process oils
  • UNISHIELD® inhibited transformer oils
  • Asphalt, Bio based oils, Waxes and other specialty products

We enjoy a solid industry reputation and long-standing relationships with our clients. With access to our suppliers’ and independent laboratories, we can better evaluate and enhance consistent quality control and to provide technical assistance to our customers. UniSource offers an international reach with personal service.

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